Review of The french Inspired Home

Di Mill introduced me to this book a few weeks ago. She purchased it from Amazon. I found it in Barnes and Noble and I am thrilled with it.
I have decided to decorate my upstairs dining room in French style, the big table was made for me in French Provincial style as are the raffia woven dining chairs, and considering that I’m going to France later in the year I thought it would be a good idea to purchase the book to get some new ideas. (I also figure a little shopping at the markets in France)
OK, you might say, what does this review have to do with quilting…?
A lot really. I guess most of us involved in quilting, live in a quilting environment…. Beautiful fabrics surround us and I learnt a lesson once when I was in Japan. Design small pockets of visual beauty. By that I mean that I like to cluster the things I love into interesting forms, like hanging old embroidered hand towels and lace from the curtain rail over the top of the curtain…. Now those lovely hand towels can be appreciated… they are in the small dining room and look lovely rather than being put away in the cupboard.
The French Inspired Home describes collections of earthy red toile linens, elements of blue and white pastoral decorations, old spools of ribbon, trays of wooden type letters and Mother of pearl buttons and the smell of lavender and citrus.
There are wonderful bolsters for the bedroom, book marks and special bookplates for our treasured books to make…… I specially love the curtain tiebacks made from vintage millinery and a glass dream vessel which is described as “an old glass jar filled with handwritten or typed inspirations that sits next to the bed. Before going to sleep, simply read one or to of the quotes and try to concentrate on that idea, whether it relates to your work, personal, or creative life.”
Kaari Meng has given me a lot to think about and great inspiration.!!!!!

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  1. Di says:

    I knew you would love that book Pammy!!!!

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