Goodness me

Classes, lectures, presentations and finally a break for a few days until Canada next week.
Now I have to order supplies and make up kits for the next few months, so it never ends…. But I’m not complaining…. Just feeling a little homesick for the grandies today. I miss them so much.

This happens every time I travel… people can tell when I’m homesick, I get stuck into the Vegemite.
I was desperate, I forgot to bring some, however, we found a jar that expired in 2005 and one in 2007 in the back of the fridge. Needless to say, the 2007 jar is getting a work out.
Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.

Does Vegemite go out of date?

Still frustrated that I can’t put up photos, but I’m back on the road in a few days and that should solve the problem.
I purchased a new phone, but it isn’t all it’s cut out to be… I have 30 days to trial it, so we’ll see as I move from the residence here, theoretically I should be able to hook the computer up with broadband via the phone!!!!

We’ll take a few days to get to Canada, sampling the quilt shops, interesting stories and beautiful scenery along the way.
This is when the cine camera comes out. I want to interview people and share some of the wonderful things in this beautiful part of the world…. Unfortunately it’s not possible with dial up!!! So it has stayed in the case.
I have a few days on the road  (just filming) when I return from Canada…. I will give a presentation in Alexandria and then Dsc00852
drive to Nebraska to visit The University of Nebraska for some quilting intellectual stimulation, then fly to Colorado City for an interesting experience… (I’ll talk about that later)!!!!!

We traveled through the sun-bathed countryside today, past red barns, manicured lawns, black and white cows and the occasional Amish buggy.
You can tell summer is coming because the Amish have their buggies out. A clothesline of quilts slung between them and then on the main road is a small wooden building with home made pies, quilts and hand made baskets and preserves….

We lunched at an historic house called “Just like Grandmas”. We sampled wild rice salad, turkey and cranberry salad… served with hot coffee and warm raspberry muffins. Outside on the wide veranda the pots of bright red geraniums sat amongst the white cane rocking chairs.
It’s a bit like being in a Norman Rockwell painting.

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