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The weather was simply marvelous, a little cloudy, sometimes misty rain and then at other times bright sunshine enfolded by clouds of grey…. you know what I mean when the sun peeps through storm clouds!!!
The greens become even more iridescent. We drove most of the day in this environment stopping only for lunch and a little retail therapy.
We drove into a small town called Black Duck in the far north of Minnesota, some 80 miles from the Canadian border.
Joan said casually

"I think there is a fabric place here"

Just as she predicted… there it was Andersons fabric warehouse. Now there are only 180 people in this town so it’s a bit like a dot on a page…..
As we walked up to the storefront, I noticed a car parked by the curb. A gentleman was sitting there in the driving seat.
I did a double take…. the entire back seat was filled with fabric…..up to the ceiling no less!!!!!
It was a hint of what was to come.

Walls and walls of remnant fabric.

Most of it was around $1 a yard, however, you could buy it by the pound, I purchased 5 pound for $5.

There is a factory in Black Duck that manufactures decor items.

You should see the fabrics, some silks, mostly cotton and of the most wonderful designs, and of course they are all wide!!!!

The the most exciting news, they had huge bags, (( could barely lift two) FREE.

Can you imagine.?

Now that explains why the guy was in the car enfolded in fabric… AND his wife was still in the store getting more !! There is a large area of quilt fabrics, notions and patterns, They were mainly moda and certainly fabrics that would blend with the beautiful cottons on the shelves…


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  1. Helen says:

    I wanna go there, NOW!! Drool, drool.

  2. Di says:

    Some of your chosen fabrics look they would go into a “French Inspired” room????

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