Month: June 2007


Click on the picture for action….. and ‘Vegemite’ for music.. I couldn’t get the figure and the hair quite correct…. however, the bling, the red shoes and glasses are right on.!!!! Preparation is the key in the life of a traveling quilter.I’m about to undertake a project that is different to the norm.In August, I meet son Jamie in New York and we will travel to Britain and France to film footage for our documentary on the making of the Bayeux Tapestry Quilt.We worked into the evening organizing the equipment we need. It’s 4.33 am and I’ve been up for ages (jet lag sleep pattern) there is still no food in the house…. except for the food I bought for last nights dinner and I didn’t get to cook it…..However… first priority….. I did buy VEGEMITE .. guess I can live on that. As usual when I get home from a trip…. the first few days are taken up with family visits…. and I had the joy of being with Tilly when she had her …

LACE IN THE WINDOWThis is a sketch of a window I photographed a few days ago in Old La Veta. the house was falling down yet the beauty of a segment of an old lace curtain remained…. I actually finished this one at one this morning…. I slept for ten hours when I got home… then I was wide awake… I even had curry at 4.30 am. I can do a sketch quicker than I can make a quilt… however, sometimes the sketch becomes the pattern…..

36 hours of travel.

36 hours of travel….. 20 hours in planes and the rest just plain waiting and I arrived home to be welcomed by Joshy, Callie, Keith and Kodi….It’s 3.00 am and I’ve already slept 10 hours…. so I’m working…It’s lovely to be home, but I report at disaster….. THERE’S NO VEGEMITE IN THE CUPBOARD…..!!!! I have to wait to go to the supermarket. I spent time on the plane working on illustrations, listening to my music and planning the next round of classes.

In my own space.

The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky Click to see     Photos of La Veta There’s a constant stream of people walking  back and forth.Some sauntering, some in a hurry, but almost everyone is followed by an overstuffed bag, you end up with a minor rocking gait when your luggage is too heavy….I wonder where they are all going….? I’ve done the normal walk seeking out power points. Now I’m ensconced in a seat behind a grey cement pole with my feet propped so I can balance the computer…..My apple headphones broke the other day…(probably overuse)… so I invested in a pair of noise canceling Bose. I have the most amazing music playing and no one can hear a thing…. I’m in my own environment.Pretty much that is the name of the game as I travel. I don’t drive a car to work every day.I fly sometimes, drive a hire car. I don’t work in the same office each day.I only have an office in Australia and often that is over 4000 miles away. My …

Where have I been?

The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky Click to see     Photos of La Veta The days have been busy and full of new things and ideas. My head is spinning. Not just with ideas but with the beauty of the environment I found myself in. Never lost for words I find it hard to express the way I feel just at the moment. So until I get back on track in the morning, take a look at Ricky and Alex on their show. They have put in a tremendous amount of effort to bring you a new form of entertainment and information in their Quilt Show. If you go on the blog on the site you will see what I’ve been up to.!!!!!!! I think it’s 3 videos down……!!!!