I’m so lucky.

I love the experiences that my job affords me.

I’m sitting on the 7th floor of the  hotel, the entire wall is glass and we are some 20 feet from a huge lake.
The sun has just gone down and it’s 10.00 pm at night. The clouds slowly faded from deep blue into the night.
Now we are left with darkness punctuated by the yellow glow of street lamps.
We drove across the border this morning. The further North we drove the more the landscape changed. There are thousands of lakes… I just can’t explain how many. In fact when you look at the map, it’s surprising that they had room to build a road. !!!
So foreign to this Australian.
As we sat and had lunch a sea plane took off on the lake directly in front of us. I ran like crazy to get my camera… the locals looked bemused.
Pine trees of every description, the lichen on the rocks is 2" thick and  there is water, water, water.  It seems unfair that we have so little and here there is so much.
On our way to dinner we stopped at the local quilt shop and greeted old friends – and new…. I met a young woman who has taken a job up here, in mining I think. She said that she asked if there was a quilt group and shop up here before taking the position !!!

Now there’s a girl after my own heart.

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