Once upon a time (many moons ago) I was on a great list called Scquilters. I used to post about quilting in other parts of the world as I traveled, however, it became difficult as the moderators made  more and more restrictions.

Well I guess they had to, 

I excitedly wrote to  the group when I received a message that the children I had taught quilting to in Japan when I was Artist in Residence, had won a first prize in the Great Japan Quilt show, resulting in 4 new computers for their school. !!!
I was told I was promoting myself….!!!! I was annoyed to say the least, I didn’t even know the kids had entered the quilt… this news came a year after the event and I was so excited for the children and the school…. I was also told I couldn’t put Teacher, Author, in my signature cos someone complained!!!!!

So I quit Scquilters and began a new group on Yahoo.

However, recently spam is infiltrating the group so I have disbanded it and have now set up a new one in .mac where no spam can EVER INFILTRATE. I will be able to put up photos and hope to open a discussion group for quilters….with patterns etc.
It will be a closed group by invitation only, however, if you would like to be part of it…..!!!

send me an email.

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