Online quilting groups.

First of all I would like to say THANKS for the feedback about the new online group.

Many of you commented on Scquilters. Well that group is a great resource for Aussie and NZ Quilters, it has it’s rules and obviously I didn’t fit the mold.

Online quilting groups serve a wonderful purpose. There is one out there just for you. You just have to find the right one.!

I have an amazingly supportive group of  friends online, we meet at different venues in the USA and it’s like catching up with family.

So I’ve put my feet up for an hour or so, but it never lasts for long, I’ve been busy on the phone and computer tonight.
I had a wonderful idea though, and I think I will patent it.
My bracelets jingle so much when I’m on the computer, so I got the scissors out and cut my knee high stockings in half and put them on my wrists!!!
Voila…. no jingles.
Then while I had the scissors in my hand I gave my hair a bit of a trim, it’s got too bushy and I don’t have time for a haircut for a week or so….
I chopped a bit much out of the front I think.

I have to go on TV in a few weeks, so  I will have to find a proper hairdresser to tart it up a bit. They even told me to do my nails!!! They obviously haven’t seen them, I always have diamonds (50cent ones) in my nails… done it for years since my Thelma and Louise trip with friend Lisa…..I think it will add to the show don’t you?

3 days of classes and 3 more to go… these gals are just super… 22 are up for the master class and I just love it, the longer the better, they will end up with their own masterpiece.

I have to tell you about a picture that Judy is doing. It’s a goose…. I forget her name.

Seems Judy’s husband saved the young gosling from a terrible fate and taught her to fly and do real goose things!!!! now she is 14 years old and arrives every April I think… Judy said laughingly that said goose arrives and flies above the house honking loudly to announce her arrival every year…. Isn’t that a great story…. I forget the Gooses name but she also brings her extended family with her and that causes a bit of consternation in the goose deposit department….!!!!!

Maybe Judy will let me show you her quilt!!!

Dsc00982The view from our room

Under a mushroom!!!

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