Break out the Diet Coke.

Back from work and here we sit in our pent house.
Just had to break out the diet coke and look at the magazine article in American Patchwork and Quilting….!!
5 pages for goodness sake. How amazing…..One of my friends allerted me to the article online and then a student came in very excited this morning.


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  1. leanneshouse says:

    How exciting, American Patchwork and Quilting! Can’t wait until the issue gets to my local shop!


  2. Karen says:

    Pam I really like your site, I have kept track of you through the years starting when you frequently updated us on quiltersbee with news from the shed 🙂 I love your quilts and reading your news. Your 1776 quilt is amazing and I plan on getting your book soon to read all about it and recently saw an article in one of the quilt magazines about it. Karen in Arkansas


  3. Princess says:

    Karen…. thanks so much for your comments… goodness,
    Quiltersbee that’s a long time ago. many things have changed since then.
    Best wishes..Pam


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