Plan, prepare, proceed and present

It’s  early morning before class and it’s one of those rare occasions that I am on my own to think, reflect and plan for the next few days.
I don’t know about other Tutors, but my class preparation is like a military operation!!!!,

Plan, prepare, proceed and present…… (Very P….Pam)

I try not to leave anything to chance, but you know, sometimes the inevitable happens. I have a time line formula for class, however, one day I was an hour out.!!! I thought we finished an hour earlier  that day and pushed the time line up a notch…. my mistake, it was the next day that was to be shorter…poor students, I was winding the class up and they said, "We’ve got another hour"…. eek.!!!!

This is the final 2 days of a Master Class where students from day 1 and 2 and students from day3 and 4 have opted to continue on to Master Class…. 22 ladies full of enthusiasm and fun.

It’d an overcast cool day here and I’ve just watched 5 boatloads of recreational fishermen load their boats with lots of chatter and enthusiasm and take off in a flourish for a day of camaraderie and fishing.

No different to what we are doing as quilters… (except we are warmer)

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