Life’s Interesting…

Sometimes, life deals us a little surprise.  The past few days were  no exception…but that’s a story for another day….. just let me say, my heart beat a little faster !!!!!

Our return from Canada took us two days.
Of course we could do it in one day, it’s only 400 miles. However, the scenery is wonderful and life is to short to fly past.
Armed with fresh scones and strawberry jam, and freshly cooked Walleye (compliments of Bob and Linda) we took off for home.
The temperature rose higher as we got closer to the border. We kept our eye on the sky because there had been a number of tornadoes sighted in previous days along the route.
I have my camera at the ready. Son Jamie the documentary maker… has requested footage of a twister… so I’ve been on the look out for years.
We drove past the fishermen on the Tamarack river waiting for the walleye to jump on their hook… so we stopped and went down for a chat…

As I wound up the class on Friday, the phone rang….. NO, I don’t answer it in class….. but by ignoring it I missed some important news that I should have imparted to all!!!
Paris Hilton had  been returned to the slammer. They even interrupted the G8 summit meeting broadcast to share that info with the world…. Yet we in class continued on.
Sheer dedication.

After our experience in Black Duck and the free fabric, we carefully arranged the luggage to accommodate more …. I mean, we were going right through the town, how can you pass that up.

Friend Lori was to meet us there and we advanced on the shop with excitement. Lori dragged 8 bags out to her van and we added another 4…..I should say at this point that the  bags weigh about 15/20 lbs and are about 4 ft X 2 ft… so it’s a weight lifting exercise….
I bought some yardage for $1 a lb.

After the excitement of the fabric accumulation, we had lunch in a cute rustic restaurant, where the hostess in shorts and a T’shirt declaring “Quiet but rough” on her bosom, boomed the daily specials with the aplomb of a horse racing announcer…..
“Meatballs with fries, soup salad and a bun” she stated loudly as she banged the glasses of ice water down on the red and white check plastic table cloths.

Looking out the window, an old bike decorated with flowers and tin cans caught my eye…. Goodness something like that needed further investigation and we found ourselves in the Black Duck Museum.
They had a display of vintage and antique wedding attire… they were serving pink punch and pink and white wedding cake and dressed in formal attire not necessarily fitting their gender.

The museum hid a few surprises… and in one room we found a vintage Grandmothers flower garden quilt the label on the back stated that it took 6045 pieces and it took the maker from 1939 to 1959 to complete it.
The ladies dressed in their finery were delighted that we had stopped by and were keen to show us their treasures…. that added another couple of hours.

Down to the border and across the bridge to the USA. To our dismay we saw a lady of middling years being hauled off by numerous guards…we drove a little faster…. I imagine she was a quilter bring across FABRIC!!!!!!

I have lots more to share and photos to put up of the events, but that has to wait till business is finished today.

Oh, and thanks for the feedback. You’re an awesome lot…..!!!!

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