One day I want to be like Doris

The art of being a “Quilter” has no age barrier.

“You have to visit the show” I was told.
So I scheduled the visit for the day after classes…..
Proud of their heritage and history most towns have their own museum. I’ve visited many over the years and the museum of Kenora is no exception. 
For several weeks it hosted.  “Doris and Friends  – A show by the Wednesday Quilters”

The Wednesday quilters are a group of long time friends who enjoyed quilting and other needlework and 20 years ago they formed a group and met weekly.
“Doris Reeve is our eldest member and an expert needlewoman” (she’s ninety two I  believe)
The show featured many of her quilts…. 16 out of the 32 shown.
Doris’s artistry and zest for life shows through her quilts, she tackles anything, from Hawaiian appliqué, to Jacobean or even three directional appliqué.  !!!!

I wanted to interview Doris on camera, but she was recovering from a minor operation….. but one day I want to be like Doris.

Do the math. If we’re in our 50’s now and are lucky enough to have genes to make it to our nineties, our lives are already half spent. We should be savoring these days, hours, minutes, even seconds not sleeping through them.
Who wants to oversleep and wake up just in time to hear, "your life will be closing in ten minutes. Please take all your memories to the nearest counter and exit through the main doors on the left"?

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