Drapplique Letters….

I spent part of the day doing the drawings for  a couple of Medieval blocks…. for some friends. They are only 6" blocks… so it will be interesting to see how they come out. I’ve never done them that small before.

I first sketch the letter… R is for a man, so not so fancy….. A is for a gal so I added more detail and got a little carried away… I love sketching with a pencil.

I’ve now made another copy in pen…. the same as I do for class. The pen image is placed on the light box and I’ve traced the image onto fabric….. the letter R and the letter A will appliquéd and then illustrated. The inside of the R is already on the fabric to be colored in the morning when the light is better.

The illustration on the A itself is minimal, and I’m actually using a small patterned fabric for that so I won’t get much definition….

I’m still on dial up, so I can’t send too many photos….but will be on the road again on Saturday…. no rest for the wicked…


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