Designing from nature.

I don’t often get the opportunity to spend a day on my own just taking in the sights.

To my delight, yesterday was one of those days. A visit to  a beautiful botanic garden.,
I took 300+ photos of leaves, plants and scenes, then I couldn’t wait to get home and draw them… I have a small black sketch book and a trusty pencil and I put all sorts of ideas in there….   I have some ideas for fabric designs and the photos were taken with that in mind.

I love Kaffe Fassets fabrics… big bold and intense…. However, I’m developing my own style… but as with most designers we are influenced by the designs we enjoy most.

This is not a quilting exercise, rather a design exercise.

It’s exciting to see something beautiful and work through it to a final design.

Take for instance these leaves,

  • First I love the color.
  • Next…. the shapes round, warm and protective.
  • The pencil sketch is to etch it in my mind…. from there I can simplify and add color.

I’ll share the results in a few days.
I love the last photo, I think you could design a whole range around those colors…
First I need to look at the colour wheel to make sure I have the balance  correct…

When an idea like this takes shape….,
It is with me until I have finished… I don’t know about you, but I think a out it while I’m eating, driving or just plain visiting….

Makes for difficult conversations sometimes…

One of my friends does the same… sometimes she smiles…. and just says "Shh…. I’m designing" and I know just what is going on in her head….



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