I left the hotel this morning at 7.30. The air was already warm and the atmosphere muggy. I drove the silver beast past fields of corn, through a town called Nashville that doesn’t remotely look like the famous one…past green fields of soy bean crops where the crumbled statues of antique wooden barns have stood for ages through the harsh seasons.Dsc01359

I had a couple of hours at the airport before flying to Dallas…. Just enough time to answer emails…and draw up some posters….
My connection was tight on the next flight, but with the cunning of an experienced traveler I had time to dash to the loo and snatch a snack to  take onto the plane to Colorado Springs.
The time spent on the plane is great for working on the computer or  drawing….. as I did today… more patterns for fabric. I just put my headphones in, and turn up the ipod and I’m in my own world oblivious to what is going on around me.. I’ll do some pencil sketches first and then put them into the computer…..
I generally trace them from the images I have drawn and I have the facility to paint or just block color them.
A burst of hot air hit me as I walked out of the airport…. It was 93 degrees. !!!


I picked up a smaller silver beast, a Pontiac G6  and drove the 103 miles to La Veta.
The scenery is magnificent….Huge plains surrounded by purple mountains. I could visualize John Wayne on his horse…..As a child I marveled at his movies…. Do you remember  the scenes
where the sky was bright blue , the grass moved in waves and the clouds were crisp white and just hung in the sky like cotton wool. I saw so many photo ops  but I just couldn’t stop…It was like driving through a documentary… huge rain clouds over the snow capped mountains and patches of bright green where the sun ray filtered through

As I came up over a hill, there was a line of about 30 mail boxes… right on the crest….not a house in sight. I have to look for them on the way back to the airport….
I arrived in La-Veta around 5.00 after a day of travel and located the Quilt Museum…. (I’ll write more about the museum at a later date)
The main area had been transformed into a full TV studio…
Lights, cameras, screens the bustle of people behind the cameras and a small viewing audience.

I was introduced the crew over dinner in the courtyard of the La-veta Inn.
In all, an interesting day for this traveling quilter.

I have a day to observe, film and photograph before rehearsals and filming tomorrow.
What a joy.

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  1. Pam, how exciting! Can’t wait to see your show! Are Ricky and Alex as much fun as they seem on the show?

  2. Kelly Kreft says:

    Pam, what a joy it was to see you at The Quilt Show yesterday! I came home and sat outside (while my DH was mowing) and started to read your 1776 book. What an inspiration you are! Colorado is a beautiful state. I live on the plains in La Junta and we so enjoyed our drive home last night and seeing the cacti in bloom and the antelope gazing as we drove by. Now, I can’t wait to see the show “again” online! Ü

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