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There’s a constant stream of people walking  back and forth.
Some sauntering, some in a hurry, but almost everyone is followed by an overstuffed bag, you end up with a minor rocking gait when your luggage is too heavy….
I wonder where they are all going….?
I’ve done the normal walk seeking out power points. Now I’m ensconced in a seat behind a grey cement pole with my feet propped so I can balance the computer…..
My apple headphones broke the other day…(probably overuse)… so I invested in a pair of noise canceling Bose. I have the most amazing music playing and no one can hear a thing…. I’m in my own environment.
Pretty much that is the name of the game as I travel.

I don’t drive a car to work every day.
I fly sometimes, drive a hire car.

I don’t work in the same office each day.

I only have an office in Australia and often that is over 4000 miles away. My office in Long Prairie is an overtaken table.

I don’t work with the same group of people each day.

I’m often at the whim and mercy of people who have no idea of my working schedule…. I just turn up at a certain time with a smile on my face and teach or lecture.!!!! 99% of the time it is wonderful…. However you have to be flexible, tactful and have a sense of humor.

I don’t even sleep in my own bed each night when I work.

This trip I have slept in 15 different hotel rooms and of course my room in Long Prairie….

I don’t even have to cook very often when I’m working. I can’t even estimate how many different restaurants I’ve been in.

Dinner with friends, students and workmates is always great….

I have to wash,  keep contact with family, keep on a schedule that is always hectic and keep up with business.
Lets not forget the personal maintenance…. Hair, nails  etc….

So that’s why I need to have the ability to do just what I am doing now. Creating my own space. Living in my own world.

I was out in the country photographing with a friend yesterday.We looked at things in the same way, even to the extent of commenting on things we saw at the same time…. it was rather funny in a way…We’re in the same industry and she has been on the road for over 20 years…  and has now had enough.

We discussed that creatively we live a lonely existence… it’s not a shared work environment.
No one will do the same as I do…. But the times that we can get together as Tutors, and share experiences it is a joy.

In saying this I wouldn’t swap what I do for quids…
I love the challenge, the beat and changing  environment….and I just smile at the gal who said “You’re strange” when she was traveling with me several years ago and looking at life as a tourist rather than and  was in my work environment…..

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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    Hard to believe you’re on the road again. I wish you safe travels, and comfortable beds along the way. I’ll look forward to your blog every day and am looking forward to seeing and hearing about your activities along the way. Good Luck.

  2. Pam says:

    Lynn, thanks its nice to be n the road again….!!!

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