Meezanimatedbodyshot300x400Click on the picture for action….. and ‘Vegemite’ for music..

I couldn’t get the figure and the hair quite correct…. however, the bling, the red shoes and glasses are right on.!!!!

Preparation is the key in the life of a traveling quilter.
I’m about to undertake a project that is different to the norm.
In August, I meet son Jamie in New York and we will travel to Britain and France to film footage for our documentary on the making of the Bayeux Tapestry Quilt.
We worked into the evening organizing the equipment we need.

It’s 4.33 am and I’ve been up for ages (jet lag sleep pattern) there is still no food in the house…. except for the food I bought for last nights dinner and I didn’t get to cook it…..However… first priority….. I did buy VEGEMITE .. guess I can live on that.

As usual when I get home from a trip…. the first few days are taken up with family visits…. and I had the joy of being with Tilly when she had her first ‘Real haircut’ with Mum Rachael yesterday. Son no 8, Jinda needed help with the computer…. Son No 1. Jamie and I planned our trip.

Poor Keith had to cook eggs for himself again and go off to the SA Quilt Guild Exec meeting.

I was exhausted by the end of the day…. but plan to nap this afternoon to catch up….

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