Month: July 2007

The towns of Intercourse and Bird in hand Pennsylvania

View a slide show of photos of Intercourse and Bird in Hand Pennsylvania I started out early this morning… guiding the mustang along the freeway and then onto the country roads of Lancaster County. I planned to visit the town of Intercourse…. I had visited there some time ago with a group of Australian Quilters…but it was in fall and today was a little different in the height of summer. The corn in the fields is so high and it’s grown right up to the edge of the road…..when you drive through it you feel you are in another world. The town was buzzing with tourists, quilts hung in front of stores and the Amish families mingled with the English. I saw an elderly man on his scooter with a baby in the basket in front….. I was itching to get the camera out…. but refrained. However, I did subtly take a few interesting ones…. I visited and Amish house and I was able to take photos, of course the old sewing machine was the …

An interesting day…

This is yesterdays post…. but due to the internet having a hissy fit… I can only post it today…The young man in the photo is serving us pie and icecream mentioned further down the post….. There’s a huge thunderstorm raging outside….thunder claps are renting the sky and the rain is coming down in sheets.The TV has been interrupted all evening with storm warnings…I don’t really know what neighborhood I’m in so it didn’t mean too much to me until it hit….. Now the power has gone out…. several fire engines and police cars have just sped past the hotel.It’s sort of been one of those days…a day of reflection and surprises. !!!I love being on the road, but the pressure eventually catches up with you and I have made a few decisions in the past few days to give myself a break….I was just too tired to write last night… a day of teaching, a lecture at lunch, a rushed dinner and then the evening show where it seemed that 100’s of  ladies packed into …

It’s time I ate Vegemite…..

11.00 pm and I can finally jot down a few words….. I’ve got my music on very loud through my earphones….and I’ve been going over my class for tomorrow, and my luncheon presentation….. I always do a little fine tuning and go through my notes and timing for class.  I have 27 students tomorrow so it’s going to be interesting !!!! I came into my room tonight and the bed, a darn big king size one is covered in Hershey kisses…..!!!!! I think the elves have been in here…. There are even Hershey kisses on the wallpaper in the loo!!!! is nothing sacred? I thought they were ginkgo leaves at first….. "Oh how nice" I thought… then I looked again and they are chocolates….!! Classes have been super and I’ve enjoyed sharing….. The greatest gift a tutor gets….. is to see a student excited at the end of the days work.Thank you, thank you, thank you……..This huge hotel is overrun with quilters, 500 or more taking classes….. There’s a  pavilion of vendors and then the …

I’m in a fish phase….

The only time I have to sketch is on  the plane…. it was a rough landing so I couldn’t finish the tail.The fish is preliminary sketch for friend Dave who took me on that fabulous canoe ride and also to make a pattern for that wonderful fabric I purchased at the Ice House….The other is just fun, but may end up a block…..!!!It’s interesting when you draw on the plane…. you get to talk to all sorts of people who want to see what you are doing!!!!

(Sigh) computers.

How can it be….. I’m in a darn chocolate factory and I’m allergic to chocolate…. I ate two of those little Hershey kisses and itched all through the Teachers talk….. This is such a fun place, can you imagine how exciting it is for children…..!!!!!!The hotel is massive….I’m going to dive into my Princess and the Pea bed in an hour or so….The pillows are feather, the mattress is something else and the quilt it feather…….I’ve died and gone to heaven. I think they said there are 500 participants, 75 ladies over the next few days will learn a little more about quilting in Australia.!!!!! It took me ages to work out how to get online…. all that came up on the screen was chocolate….!!! but I worked it out eventually and finally could get my business stuff out of the way.

The chocolate capital.

The legs are telling me that I got my daily exercise today…. I figured I walked around 10 miles…. just for fun….so I’m pooped. Lucky I have a spa in my room….Everything is packed for the next journey which is in Pennsylvania…and I leave tomorrow morning… Hershey….. yes, the chocolate capital of the United States…. and the convention is in the Hershey Convention Center….

Stunning Fabric

This fabric is stunning…. I still can’t work out which  direction it looks best… however, it will be part of my diary quilt to remember my trip on the river yesterday…. It’s a Hoffman fabric….