Dsc01420I’M LOOSING IT FOLKS…. this is not an olfa cutter it’s  A CLOVER CUTTER…… I know that…

but the brain got the wrong word… Thanks Di for ringing me in the middle of my eggs and mushrooms this morning… I nearly choked… I can just see Di yelling "No Pammy, Clover not Olfa" as she was eating her muesli !!!  She tells me it’s my age and something to do with menopause.

Ha, just wait till her turn…..

No excuses now, I already take 7000 mg of ginkgo a day….
I think I better pump it up a notch.

It’s early morning, the dogs and cats have hibernated to the kitchen by the wood heater…. We have had winter soups, curries, roast lamb and of course as much toast and Vegemite as I can. I think it will have to be bread and butter pudding tonight after a busy day of work….

I’m panicking, just over a week until I go again…and I’ve got so much to do.

I put the pressure on myself though, yesterday I re-wrote a class manual… well in actuality I updated it. Most classes I teach get a booklet of notes…. this one runs to 30 pages… but it’s a difficult subject…

"Help me design a Quilt" and I find more and more information to add. I have to learn to stop somewhere…. and isn’t it always the way…. the darn printer ran out of ink….I have a laser color printer and it never tells me when I’m low on ink, until it runs out. Darn thing!!!

Today I need to finish quilting a sample and organize the supplies for kits.

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  1. Helen says:

    Hey, we all make mistakes. I don’t mind what brand it is, I just think it is a great idea, although Clover products are more expensive than others.

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