I’d like to check you for ticks!!!!!

That’s the title of the CD by Brad Paisley that I’ve been playing today…..I crank the music up VERY loud and give a bad impression of a dancer as I jiggle around the shed…..

EEk I had ticks on me from the woods a few weeks ago, they are horrible little things with legs and a crunchy round body!!!!

Did I ever tell you about the time I fell off an elephant. Have you ever had Elephant rash….? they have thick skin with coarse hair and I slid right down his side… that night I found an lesion under my arm and being in the jungle I decided to put a band aid on it…. a few days later when I was suffering a very painful arm and severe fever… realized I had adhered an elephant tick to my arm. I guess he couldn’t believe just how stupid this human was…..I was a sick chic for weeks….   

Life is rather busy and I feel that I’m succumbing to the cold weather with the sniffles….

However, I finished this sample today… I photographed every step for the notes, it helps when you want to get a lot done in a day class…..

This is a one day class for Houston, Pennsylvania and it all has to be kitted because it’s just a one day class Nevertheless the students end up with this little quilt at the end of the day……

In doing a portrait I prefer to appliqué the entire thing, however, in this class the students shade some of the face prior to appliqué……


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