I just pop in to teach!!!!!

I’m admitting to feeling weary and still getting over the shock of my $200 hairdo today… Gees, it better make a difference at that price, but I think I need a miracle… When I’m on camera, I think I better have one of those bubbles over my head like a cartoon….. "This is a $200 hairdo, be impressed"

I’m running down the list.

Class supplies sent today
Extra goods ordered to be sent.
Camera’s, projector, GPS etc, etc packed.

I’ve been watching the temps in Britain and France…. what clothes DO I pack?

Ipod charged and packed with the noise canceling headphones.
The essential sketch book and extra pencils packed….

I sketched like heck in the hairdressers today after she quoted me the $200 + fee for services… at least we don’t have to tip here like we do in the USA….. 20% of $200 is $40 bucks.!!!!!

Hotel rooms booked.
Cars booked
26 different planes to organize seats on….

4 projects to finish on the road.!!!
projects packed and ready for a quick turn around when I get home in September.

Tomorrow I have to face 3 sons and a Husband who went to Melb to see the Crows loose by 2 points…..Ouch.!!!!

Now I just have to finish a binding an a quilt, spend time with my precious grandies and daughters and  finish paperwork….. The contracts keep piling up….

Jamie’s filming as he ski’s down the slopes of Mt Hotham  so you all get a dose of excitement as you have your breaky each morning, then he goes to New Zealand to ski down mountains for a doco…. then if he still has his limbs in tact he will meet me with the big camera’s in tow….


I think I’m going to get on that plane and just sleep!!!!!

The drawings are done in the computer when I need to illustrate stuff….. A little more cartoonist than the sketch book… He looks like someone I know!!!

Yep you can even do water colours in the computer …. and you don’t even need water !!! or a paint brush.

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  1. Helen says:

    Did you take a photo of yourself with the $200 hairdo?

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