My eyes won’t stay open.

I’m sitting in my room, the yellow light of the desk lamp filters  across the desk and key board.
Sara Storer sings  to me alone in her character laden Aussie voice and I find my eyes closing involuntarily…. it’s just 9.30 but I don’t dare crawl into bed just yet…..
A voice in my computer tells me it’s 11.00 am in Australia….
It’s been a great class today… relaxed for both the students and for me.
The class is called Denver Poppies….
Some students have used my pattern, some have designed  their own blocks to fit into their quilt.
It’s a formula quilt, one appliqué block repeated 9 times and sashed to make  an interesting art piece.
Each one will be different from the others depending on the fabrics used
9 years teaching at the same place is a real privilege I think. When I began coming here I was a raw teacher who needed to learn the ropes quickly.
We stay at a hotel for 5 or 6 days…. that means the students are out in the conference room working away right now.
Some evenings I have wandered out there in my jamas and the girlsDsc01464
were still hunched over their sewing machines….
We’re situated in beautiful countryside in the upper area of Michigan….Grayling…. a town of just 2000 people…. and a great quilt shop….The Ice House owned by Ali Baynam….
It’d mid summer, warm and a little humid, but just delightful. I had the joyof feeling the sun seep into my skin as I stood outside at lunch time….. OOOOOh!!!!!
I’ll put up some photos of the Ice House tomorrow…. it’s a wonderful shop…. and a testament to the innovation of the owners Ali and her Mum Jill… (the previous owner)
They have an eclectic range of fabrics…. and a wonderful gift shop with beautifully designed clothes, bags and other fun things made  by Jill and other quilters in the district….. a great experience….

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