Beaver, Beer and Banjos.

It’s not all work when I ‘m on the road and at dinner tonight at the West……something Diner, we saw this sign….
Now how can we pass that up…. Beaver stew…. Beer and Banjo music…. so Saturday night is organized…. the little morsel below was part of the desert menu at the West….something diner, this little lot will set you back $2.50 and was enough to feed an army. In fact the army was right there at the next table.

Even the bread was bigDsc01496_2

Class finished today and I’ve just returned to my room, it’s 11.30 pm. The quilt tops are almost completed and they are just wonderful.

Tomorrow we begin a 3 day class "Help me design a quilt". Its a comprehensive class looking at



Creativity, Design and the practicality of  getting the design from paper to fabric….

We visited the Ice House Quilt Shop. Named as one of the top 10 quilt shops in the USA a few years ago, there were are  steady stream of customers pulling up while we were there… The staff are genuine and attentive and the coffee at the entrance is a hit….

A little bit of heaven for the dedicated quilter I would say.



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