Beaver Stew…..

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When I’m 4000 miles from home…. I make the most of every minute….and of course as mentioned in the previous post Friday night was the night of Beaver, Beer and Banjos. How can one ignore an invitation to experience that….
Last night, 5 quilting ladies in a van took the half hour journey to the town of Lovells. As we arrived we were surprised to see the car park completely full. Once inside the Tavern we noticed that most of the action was outside and there were dozens of folk sitting out on the patio enjoying themselves…. I noticed two rather large pots of stew on one of the tables and it seemed it was also being eaten out of small bowls accompanied by fresh bread rolls and beer….

I guess the picture painted by the poster was a little different to reality…. I imagined a smoky bar full of good old boys in hunting attire with the compulsory red braces….instead we sat on the patio, and looked out on the beautiful Ausable river with like minded patrons as we listened to some good old country music….

Beaver stew is delicious… and to be honest I couldn’t really tell the difference between that and beef….

The video above will introduce you to the delicacy of Beaver stew…!!!!Dsc01508

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