One of the good things about traveling is that you get to experience interesting things..
You can’t work 24 hours a day.
Yesterday afternoon after class friend Dave took me on a 2 hour canoe ride down the river….
It was a wonderful experience….
The river is quite shallow in most places  and moves at about 3 miles per hour…. It’s crystal clear and you can see the stones and reeds at the bottom.
The reeds bend and sway in the current…. sometimes they were brown green, at other times they were bright yellow and they made wonderful shapes as they swayed in the  current.
Cedar, pine, aspen and birch line the banks and we saw several muskrats and even a mink. The mink was long and narrow and his coat glistened as he scrambled out of the water sending a shower of sparkles into the air as he shook the water from his fur.
The sky was blue and the sun hot…. and I had a pang of disappointment that the family were not there to share it…..

The flowers photographed are the bluest flowers I have ever seen…

delphiniums I think…

We finished the evening with a dinner of Walleye (Canadian fish)
at a great restaurant overlooking the same river..




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