It’s time I ate Vegemite…..

11.00 pm and I can finally jot down a few words….. I’ve got my music on very loud through my earphones….and I’ve been going over my class for tomorrow, and my luncheon presentation….. I always do a little fine tuning and go through my notes and timing for class.  I have 27 students tomorrow so it’s going to be interesting !!!!

I came into my room tonight and the bed, a darn big king size one is covered in Hershey kisses…..!!!!! I think the elves have been in here….Dsc01584

There are even Hershey kisses on the wallpaper in the loo!!!! is nothing sacred? I thought they were ginkgo leaves at first…..

"Oh how nice" IDsc01566
thought… then I looked again and they are chocolates….!!

Classes have been super and I’ve enjoyed sharing….. The greatest gift a tutor gets….. is to see a student excited at the end of the days work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you……..
This huge hotel is overrun with quilters, 500 or more taking classes….. There’s a  pavilion of vendors and then the quilt show….. (I haven’t even had time to get there yet….)

There are people toting wheelies, sewing machines, boards and everything else you can imagine to do with quilting…. We are living, eating, breathing this wonderful event….  The vendors mall is swamped and meal times are a gathering of wonderful conversations….

Do you remember when I told you about the free fabric we got a few weeks ago…. well one of the Tutors sent this email today….

A Blonde named Mary was walking down the street and she saw a sign on
a fabric store window that said "FELT FOR $.75."

Mary just laughed and laughed, "Ha, ha, ha, ha," because she knew that
she could get felt for free.!!!!!!

The T’ shirt worn by our waiter tonight had some interesting words of wisdom too!!!

see picture in the "continue" frame….

Yes, it’s time I bought out the vegemite… to remind me I’m Australian….






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  1. Kathy Travaglione says:

    I was just sitting here reading the
    August eAmerican Patchwork and Quilting. It arrived while I was at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey. I started reading the article on you and the name did not click, but you looked so familiar. Than I realized you were the Aussie teacher at Quilt Odyssey. Seeing you on stage and your students show their class projects already made me anxious to take one of your classes if you get back this way. Reading the article and now your comments on the show made me determined to take one of your classes next time you cross the pond. Hope you enjoyed the show and are not yet tired of chocolate.

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