The towns of Intercourse and Bird in hand Pennsylvania

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I started out early this morning… guiding the mustang along the freeway and then onto the country roads of Lancaster County.

I planned to visit the town of Intercourse…. I had visited there some time ago with a group of Australian Quilters…but it was in fall and today was a little different in the height of summer.

The corn in the fields is so high and it’s grown right up to the edge of the road…..when you drive through it you feel you are in another world.

The town was buzzing with tourists, quilts hung in front of stores and the Amish families mingled with the English.

I saw an elderly man on his scooter with a baby in the basket in front….. I was itching to get the camera out…. but refrained. However, I did subtly take a few interesting ones….

I visited and Amish house and I was able to take photos, of course the old sewing machine was the main focus.

There is a wonderful exhibition at the People’s Place Quilt Museum….they have a wonderful supply of historic books and really interesting art pieces. I found this to be the less tourist oriented quilt shop.

Zooks Amish Quilt shop is unique, in that it serves the general public as well as the Amish community. There were bolts of "Plain" fabric. Bonnets, hats, baby clothes and then ordinary quilting fabric…. most of it is around the $6.00 a yard. Two older Amish ladies bantered with their clients as they expertly cut the fabric….

It was a great experience to visit once again. For old times sake I ate at the restaurnat in the hotel we stayed at…. it was if time had stood still. The gentleman who took the money 6 years ago is still doing the same thing,,, he even had on the same jacket and pants…. (well it looked like it anyway)

The decor had not changed and the coffee was still just as good…

I drove on to Bird in Hand and spent an hour or so walking through the Antique Mall…. It was a treasure trove of interesting artifacts….

What an interesting day…. I have lots of photos for illustrations and with temperatures in the 90’s it couldn’t have been better.



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  1. Di says:

    Looks like you’ve been having an awesome time Pammy. Wish I was there!

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