Medieval Applique

Our class today was Medieval Appliqué.

The picture shown first is a 6" block illustrated with black pigma pen… then just the letter A appliquéd over the top.

History is my passion and as I delve more and more into Medieval times I find the most interesting graphics that could be adapted to quilting.
My theory is that if you can draw it you can use fabric to illustrate it. Manuscripts are books that were written and illustrated by hand in the Medieval period. AD 500 to around 1200. 

They represented major religious, social, and artistic beliefs of the period.  Because manuscripts were very expensive to make, they often served as status symbols.  Most people who owned

manuscripts held high-ranking positions in society.  The major
themes of manuscripts were religion (particularly Christianity), art, and literary characters.

I love the colors, the rich texture of the letters intermingling with classical design.

We only had a day, the everyone achieved a letter so they did well.


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