Quilt University Michigan

Meezanimatedbodyshot300x400_2It’s been a busy day at Quilt University.

Class began at 9.00 and some 350 ladies were assisted by to their rooms by the happy hauler… what a great service…. there they were as we pulled up with their smiles and unusual head dress and little trolleys.

The class rooms a super, with lots of space, huge windows, good air conditioning and padded chairs. We did Medieval letters today and they were a fun bunch.

Tomorrow and Sunday are Landscapes. I asked to be excused after dinner and missed the fashion parade…. but I hope to have an early night.  Each student and Tutor were given hand made bags…. I photograph mine tomorrow, it’s in my classroom. As we got our lunch today each student received a bottle of water in a quilted carrier…. I think it’s above and beyond….!!!!Dsc01638
There are quite a range of classes from painting fabric, to piecing and everyone is pleased to be here… you can feel the excitement in the air as the students come into class. many have been waiting weeks, even months to come to this event.

I think most of the ladies are from the Michigan area… and this is their home Guild Bi-annual event.

The organizers do a great job. They have to book the Tutors 2 or 3 years out. The venue needs to be large…. some 120 ladies are staying here in the holiday Inn.

I try to snatch a few moments in the sun at lunch and take out the sketch book. You know as a Tutor you go from event to event and spend a great deal of time in a bubble…… a quilting bubble…. some times I never even get out of the hotel….



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