I’m off once again

Dsc04681I’m sitting in a hotel close to the airport in readiness for an early start in the morning….

I’m rather tired now that I’ve stopped, but I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures from class today…..

You would think the pears were real, NO, it is a quilt made from fabric !!!!

The finches and thistles are going to look wonderful too.
The picture of the humming birds will be added later. We did a test piece to work out how to make the thistle. This one has layers of fabric with 3 different shades of thread.

A monarch butterfly under construction.

The frangipani is coming along nicely and look at how you can use drapplique to change a piece of plain batik to look like leaves…..

With just a few days to work on the quilts not everyone completed them, but I’m expecting some amazing pieces eventually.

This is my second time back to Quilt University…. and I was thrilled to have students bring in projects they began in class and finished later…

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