Bayeux Bird

Dsc01648This illustration is a mythical beast featured at the bottom of the Bayeux Tapestry…. I took a little poetic license in adding feathers and such, but the shape is authentic…
It helped pass the time on the plane.
I’m now in Minnesota and looking forward to a break.
I have a week or so for a little rest, recreation and research.
Last night with friend Joan and Marcie we traveled the 24 miles or so to the town of Little Falls. We talked and laughed all the way, solved the problems of the world and ended up with no solutions !!!!
I gave my annual presentation there….
I have been visiting the group for some 8 years I think. there is always a big turnout…. and an even bigger pot luck dinner than the year before.
My talk was on "Inspiration"…. where does it come from? How do we tap into it and how do we execute it….?
Once again home in Long Prairie…we have a little problem with dial up so I can’t add too many photos which is a little frustrating….
Nevertheless, the message will get through.

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