Grubers Quilt Shop

Dsc01724On my first visit to the USA some 13 years ago Joan took me to Grubers.… it was in the small town of Genola…. I think the population was 50.
Set amongst fields of  corn and  a paddock housing a couple of big old buffaloes, the store was a haven for quilters. On entering the story your senses were alerted to the smell of sausage… the store actually housed a small goods outlet as well as quilting fabric.
When you took the bag of fabric home you had to hide it from the cat who showed great interest in the unique package…..
However, things have changed, stating that they have over 10,000 bolts of fabric, Grubers is one of the largest Quilt Stores in the state of Minnesota.

Currently they are part of a shop hop with over 91 shops participating…. can you imagine that.… 91 quilt stores in one state….

The shops are split into 5 quadrants and to qualify for the Grand Prize you have to attend 8 shops in each of the quadrants.

The fabric is lovely and designed by Holly Taylor of Moda and for 17 days the gals can cover the state…. cars stashed with quilting goodies. I can just see a huge movement of buicks and luxury vehicles taking to the road over the next few weeks…

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