Quilting Teachers to Avoid

Dsc01752I have my new copy of Quilters Home.… and I am trying to save it to read on the plane next week…
But I’m tempted to open it  to read the article on

Quilting Teachers to Avoid…..!!!

I’ve had a few that I should have avoided….how about you?

When I was a new quilter (about 15 years ago) I heard that there was going to be a famous American Quilter coming to a town close by.

I saved my money for weeks (out of the housekeeping) I think it was $95 for the class… an extremely expensive class for those times.

After preparing very carefully for class I found out we were going to spend the first day pasting fabric to a piece of paper….

Said Teacher walked past and flicked my fabric saying.

 "You have no color sense… You’ll never amount to a quilter"

One day our paths will cross … I’m going to offer her to come to one of my classes…..!!!! She won’t  remember that I was in her class….. but I’ll show her how to "be kind honey….."

I had another teacher who required that we purchase her book for class. She sat up front chatting to her friends and told us to go to page 87 and said "Get on with it" I made a darn nice quilt in spite of the interesting tutorage.

Another time I was in a class and the Teacher shouted instructions like a sergeant at arms…. I was incensed before we even began the project…..She hauled one student out and stated…."You’re anal retentive, you must be a maths teacher."  sigh…. 

On the other hand I have many heroes in the quilting industry….. Most of the Tutors I work with are my inspiration….

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  1. Amanda Colwell says:

    Sometimes I feel I learn just as much from a “bad” class as a “great” class – like “How not to be a b***h”,”How not to treat everyone as a thicky” and “How not to have people talk behind your back and tell everyone and their mothers-in-law what a crappy person you are”.
    Don’t even start talking about “Students from Hell”

  2. Pam says:

    Well, I guess you an tell that I sure remember those teachers….
    As for students from hell…. well I really only ever had one…. and she was off her meds.!!!!!

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