On golden Pond

Did you ever see the movie ‘On Golden Pond"…… our kids loved it and knew it word for word…. well here I am sort of living it….as I begin to write, it’s 10 am in the morning…. I’m  sitting on the dock overlooking spider Lake…….. the sun is shining and it promises to be in the 90’s today.


The loons call as they glide effortlessly on the mirrored water, the waterlilies separate as they swim by, bowing in recognition of their honored guests.

It was a perfect evening last night for a pontoon ride on the lake. The air was warm and the lake like a millpond. I’ve never been on a pontoon before… It’s interesting…. You seem to sit high in the water rather than be IN the water as you are in a boat. We glided past heavily forested shores, the pine and birch trees almost appear to be sprouting from the water….
The only indication of civilization is an occasional snake of steps which wind up the hill and seem to disappear into the unknown.

Dsc04739This lake is near a small Minnesota town called Nevis. It’s a hub for tourists in summer and very quiet in winter I believe. From my observations it typifies the northern part Dsc04747
of Minnesota….

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