Interesting Day

Dsc01837The St Johns College football team were out practicing during the heat of the day. Marcie decided to give us a guided tour… first we visited Brother Christopher, a young man with a crew cut and red braces to hold up his cut offs….
He proudly showed us around the wood work studio…. I think he said it used to be a bar. Marcie wanted to know more about the coffins they were making.
eek. But we got a guided tour and weDsc01844_2

were shown all the different kinds of wood they were constructed from…. "want to take one home today"? he asked.
Next he showed us how they design chairs… The have a model they sit on a drawing !!!! I always wondered how they did that. Of course I have short legs…. The model wasn’t too good for my size chair.!! forget that honey.

With Marcie in the lead, we tramped the passages below the monastery to the kitchens. We visited the chapels where the Sisters say their prayers 3 times a day. Marcie explained that they chant the prayers, Sometimes even the Gregorian Chant. We visited numerous chapels, workshops and college facilities….

Lunch was at a local restaurant called "Kayes…" it was packed and renown for it’s hamburgers and pies such as strawbarb….! strawberry, chiffon creme, sour creme and sultanas, apple….. OOh and lots more.

The army boys were sitting at the bar devouring huge plates of food.

We came to an interesting farm house….The corn had been harvested and the rows snaked up to the old red barn. I asked Marcie to stop so I could take photos…. which of course she did. When i hopped back in the car she said… "Oh, we’ll go visit them" so up the drive we went into the farm property. Marcie knocked on the door…. there was no one home, I was a little disappointed, but got off some shots anyway.

It was a brilliant day… good company, good weather and certainly stimulating.


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