Travel stuff

I drove down to Minneapolis from Long Prairie yesterday, it’s about a 140 mile drive.
My portable GPS  was my guide and the traffic flowed freely. Mr Tom Tom talks to me so nicely and it gives me a sense of security that I won’t get lost amongst a tangle of roads.


I have earned my stripes I think. I’ve driven on 18 lane highways in LA, through the Rockies, through many main cities but somehow I find I’m clenching my jaw by the end of the trip…
I don’t have to concentrate being on the other side of the road, but I do have problems when I get home because I relax much more.

I’ve been asked many times do you get bored with travel.?

To be honest, no I don’t. I consider it an adventure. I don’t mind staying in hotels, I don’t particularly like staying in private homes….. and I NEVER share a room in any circumstance.
I’m in touch with many of the National Tutors in the USA. We talk daily and all say the same thing. Years of travel on the road teaches you a valuable lesson. Preparation.
That doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong some times…. I found out last night that I left 5 of my shirts in the sewing room on the ironing board. So it’s off to the Mall today to buy some more.

Of course I have a case for clothes and personal things. Preparing that is an art as well.
Then there is a case for business and at times that is difficult to
particularly if you are like me and are on the road for months at a time.

Then there is all the electronic gear. Dsc01873_5

Projector, cameras, tripod, computer, sound and computer storage… all I carry some $16,000  worth of electronics, and everything has it’s place

My cases are regency stripe and expensive…. think about it, In the past 12 months I have had over 98 flights….They are showing some wear but have a lifetime guarantee so I just get them replaced.
The stripes help identify them on the carousel. One of my friends had those light up wheels put on her black cases… however someone still took them by mistake and she saw them glowing down the passage and took flight after them.

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