Latin, Learning and Laboro

Download je.mid

If you feel like getting in the french mood like I am…Just listen to the midi above….. it’s the National Anthem of Normandy. Rather catchy really.


I spent the day (Laboro) writing a script for filming. Doing some research on chain mail and the castle in Pervensy.

I’m also working on  the  illustrations for for the book and listening to the TV while I work.

(I won’t be posting these as they are to be the official illustrations)

Some of the information is in Latin. I didn’t take it at school, but I need to try to get the basics for this project….I’m trying to teach myself, I’m doing it online and I
‘m not real successful, however, it’s really interesting.

I fly out to NY tomorrow. It will take an entire day to get there. I leave the hotel at 9.30 am and probably won’t get to my hotel until 7.00 pm. So I’ll have lots of time to get some sketching done and the Ipod will get a workout.
I’ll meet son Jamie and I’m looking forward to a day to relax and take in the sights of NY on Tuesday.

I miss this little poppet and I did get to talk to Mr Kodi yesterday who told me he was off to a party dressed as a skeleton. !!!!

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