Let the adventure begin !!!!

We’ve been flying all day and we’re now in London.

Gees, my life is just one BIG adventure.

My clock here in the room says it’s 1.00 am that’s 8.00 pm in NY. So I’m not too sleepy, I’m paying $30 US to use the internet so I have to make the most of it…..!!!!!Dsc03296

What is the ADVENTURE you ask? Well Jamie and I are about to begin work tomorrow. Filming a documentary for on the Bayeux Tapestry. It’s just lovely traveling and working with my boy.


  • Adventure means driving through London tomorrow.!!!!
  • Adventure is being a Tutor and meeting the most interesting of people from Alice Springs in Outback Australia, to the gals immersed in chocolate in Hershey USA.
  • Adventure is finding yourself in really difficult situations and getting through it (like getting mugged in South Africa) falling off an elephant and becoming desperately ill with a tick bite.
  • Adventure is chaperoning 50 teenagers through Chile and Argentina and traveling across the Andes by myself in a bus.
  • Adventure is being the Mum of thirteen bambinos. Our kids are legends. The adventures piled on top of one another when they were all in their teens.
  • Adventure is playing castles in the cubby house with Kodi aged 3.
  • Adventure is immersing yourself in a project as I am now and sharing it with my friends.
  • Adventure is sinking into this huge bed with feather pillows in my room and thinking about how lucky I am.


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  1. Di says:

    I hope you are wearing your red shoes….cause it’s just not as big as an adventure without red shoes! You just never know when you might need them in London! Try not to get stuck in the tube gates this time Pammy!!

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Di… red shoes, red sandals and red sneakers are all new and in the case when they are not on my feet….
    AND we sure had an adventure today!!!!!!!

  3. Virginia says:

    Congratulations! It had to be a winner!
    Hope you have fun with the Tapisserie de Bayeux. My sister saw it just a few weeks ago ago sent me a postcard of it. Something else again and I couldn’t begin to know where to start with it………………
    Take care and have fun.

  4. Pam says:

    Hi Virgina…. It’ds sure been an interesting adventure… it
    s late in the evening,Jamie and I have been viewing todays filming… it’s the second day and it’s been long but he’s such a perfectionist…. I’m learning an awful lot…. and in saying that we are both thrilled with the film he’s shot….

  5. Virginia says:

    Of course, Pam, you realise that you are in my home territory or nearly. I was born in Dover so if you happen to get a glimpse of the “White Cliffs of Dover” in your travels, then say “Hi” for me!!!!

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