10.00 pm and we’ve been through the days shoot and I think it looks super…. Jamie is a perfectionist and I’m learning a lot….Dsc04845

We did an interview with a local historian and jamie shot beautiful vision. I guess I’m a little overawed with it all, this is a huge project but I’m more than excited.

Yesterday was a day of contrasts…. first it took ages to get our car because my GPS isn’t working in Britain so we had to wait and pay extra for a car with GPS.
XXXXXXXX but that’s the breaks.

We drove for several hours. had shepherds pie in a local pub and then arrived at Hastings at about 3.00 in the afternoon.

I had booked and paid for the hotel for 3 nights. When we arrived at
the hotel, the owner said.."Oh no Dsc04866
you canceled"

I was little confused…. I KNOW
I didn’t cancel the booking. So we went and parked the car and I checked the computer…. No, the booking was correct. So back to the hotel and the door is locked…!!!
I couldn’t get  anyone on the phone and I  felt the panic rising a little.
It’s high season here, summer by the sea folks….

We looked at two other hotels…. I really just can’t comment on the blog about what we were shown.   It was all a bit too much.

We decided to try the local Tourist Information service.
They were wonderful, and came to our rescue and sorted out the problem. So here we are in our rooms…

not quite the ones I booked…. Jamies is rather
like a cell and not quite the standDsc04878ard he’s used to…

But we overlook the ocean. We have Wi Fi, we have the latest in TV’s and we can use them to view the vision….AND there are super restaurants around…

We are both Coffee snobs (he more than I) so we found a super coffee shop with real latte’s and then a great Nepalese restaurant for dinner.

Have we only been here 36 hours?

These wonderful structures on the left are Net shops, there are about 50 wooden sheds standing in neat rows on a shingle beach. they were built to provide weather proof stores
for fishing gear made of natural materials.The beaches are shingle Dsc04888Dsc04890
and you wouldn’t want to play cricket on them…. not quite what we are used to but fascinating never the less.

We visited the old part of hastings, houses with front doorways no more than 4 ft 6in high… There have romantic windows of handmade glass resting on a frame of lace.

The first photo is taken from Hastings Castle built by William the conqueror overlooking the city of Hastings.The wood and rocks were bought over the seas from France.
Can you imagine a fleet of 700 ships with billowing colored sails and  laden with men, provisions and horses landing on these rugged shores. It must have been a  formidable sight.

We took the opportunity to take a walk around the fish markets and  you can buy shrimp in a glass and cockles in a cup which you eat smothered in Lemon juice….MMMM

Every now and then I remembered my good news from last night and gave myself a little pinch….


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  1. Pennie Griffiths says:

    Just loving reading all about Battle and Hastings, David and I’ve been there a few times the most recent about 18 months ago in the pouring rain and cold… I get shivers every time I’m there remembering how nasty William was and how could my ancestor go along with him, but the England I love has something to do with William I guess. Congratulations on your win as well, cheers for now, Pennie

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