All in the name of “Making a Quilt”

I woke early and opened the curtains.
The sky was clear and it Dsc04892
promised to be a beautiful day.

I took off for a walk down the promenade..the ipod my trusted companion.

We always need a latte to start the day so I figure an hours walk cancels out the latte…

Battle was our destination today… it’s a 100 acre property of rolling fields, meandering trails and the ruins of Battle Abbey.

Battle Abbey, actually named St. Martin’s Abbey, is a partially ruined abbey complex in the small town of Battle in East Sussex, England.
In 1070 the Pope ordered the Normans to do penance for killing so many people during their conquest of England. So William the Conqueror vowed to build an abbey where the Battle of Hastings had taken place, with the high altar of its church on the very spot where King Harold fell in that battle on Saturday, 14 October 1066. He did start building it and named it Battle Abbey, though he died before it was completed. Its church was finished in about 1094 and consecrated during the reign of his son William Rufus. Dsc04906_2

As we arrived, Jamie caused a stir because he was wearing the shirt he was given when working for Australian idol….!!! The people at reception were most impressed.

We began filming at 10.30… waiting patiently as tourists passed by – some actually walk right in front of the camera..
The area is immense, over 100 acres of rolling green fields in contrast to the stone structures that rise like  monoliths across the landscape.  On a beautiful day like this some 941 years ago 1000’s of young men died at this spot in a bloody battle and history took a new course.

Dsc04920 As I walked the paths I tried to imagine what it would have been like on that terrible day in 1066.

It’s wonderful working with Jamie. His images are superb…once again we spent the evening going through the film and in the end… both of us were really pleased with the days work.

We did have a little distraction. This evening is the last session of the "Proms" and yes, it’s being held at Battle…. so Jamie had to film around the tents… there were a few expletives at times.Dsc04946

The colours, the smell of pine and earth and the ambiance of this historic place  adds to the overall feeling awe. I have been here before, but it was raining and depressive…it’s quite different in the sunlight.

The resting place of King Harold is marked simply with a stone…However there is a more interesting monument written in old French not far by… but that was only put up 90 years ago..Dsc04980. maybe someone else had the same feeling as I.

"A flat brown stone is a bit rough as a monument for a King" 


The sun was warm and the idea of a cool drink and lunch were inviting… so we visited Pilgrims a charming 15th century cottage situated just by the entrance of The main gates of Battle Abbey.

We shared a pint of Prawns and a mushroom salad.. in the afternoon Jamie shot film of me walking the track that the soldiers came to Battle on… I braved steep hills, a fast flowing creek and puddles of black mud to help him get the best shots…..

last stop for the day was Pevensey Bay to get some footage of the water and shore and work out tomorrows shoot.

We ended the day at a great local Nepalese Restaurant….Fabulous….

I have added a slide show to my web page.



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