I’ve composed this blog a few times… and lost it both times….
I guess it says something about being a little tired.
I had no access to the internet over the past few days so the blog had a rest…. I had a rest and the computer had a rest.
However, filming increased and we got some wonderful footage of Winchester Cathedral and then a "Traveling Quilter" piece about Romsey.

The name Romsey is believed to have originated from the term Rūm’s Eg, meaning "Rūm’s area surrounded by marsh". Rūm is probably an abbreviated form of a personal name, like Rūmwald (glorious leader).

History aside, it’s a wonderful town. The river test flows through the center and we were lucky enough to see quite a number of trout. The water is crystal clear and flows very swiftly…. some of the houses have thatched rooves and almost all of them have wonderful gardens…However, Jamie filmed friend Gay and I walking the town. We visited the quilt shop and interviewed Dianne the girl looking after the shop for the afternoon…. she nearly had a fit….!!! 3 kids (about 10, 11, 12) came up to us…. they had been shooting rubber bands at motorcyclists from the footpath…. The three were puffing away on cigarettes….
"Watcha filmin" says one young man as he puffs into the camera lens….
"Were doing a piece on underage smoking for th evening’s news" I said "are you bulling me" says another young man…."Now do I look like I’d bull you" I said….. they weren’t too sure but we walked further down the road to film..
We visited the Pub and interviewed Pete behind the Bar and a lady from Wales decided to sing opera for us….As she began to sing, all the guys got up from the bar and ran out of the room…. !!!
We sat and had tea in a medieval Garden and visited the Abbey…. now what more would you want to do in an afternoon…
Gay is now the movie star of Romsey

We’re in London tonight and Paris tomorrow….

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