Month: September 2007

De-cluttered…. the shed has had a re-vamp…. 14 red leather boxes hold all my supplies from pens to office supplies, even rulers and cutters. This is where I do all the hard work…. cutting, sewing, designing…. I decided to get everything into boxes…. and working with this system over the past week, it has been a much better environment to work in. However, the Summer House Studio had a few additions… I made curtains and cushions from the great fabric I got for free in Baudette Minnesota. It’s just plain fu fu…. and I love it. This is a place for study, reading,  drawing and …..  retreat.

In the ‘shed’

It’s a cool Sunday Morning here in Aldgate. It’s 5.30, dawn is breaking and the birds are in fine chorus.   I have bird feeders just feet from the window and there is a meeting of the birds all through the day, finches, maggies, rosellas, galahs Part of the ‘shed’ had a fresh coat of paint yesterday and everything is now back in order. In the confusion of shifting everything  one of my quilts ended up with a burn mark after coming to rest on the clover iron.!!!!! Darn it. (Actually I said something a little stronger) So this morning I will have to do a repair job.

It’s been one of those days.

Maybe the mailbox quilt could look like this….!!! 15 boxes are enough, 40 would be a little too much!!!!! I love the fabric   –   and see, you can design a quilt using any subject. It’s been one of those days. I was up early out here in the ‘shed’ and working, however, I don’t seem to have got anywhere today. I had to do the marketing, business stuff and organizing some super new business cards. When I get home, it’s a bit like high maintenance. Hair, Dr’s, renew the vitamins. Yesterday in an emergency I had to run to the local shop for some ‘Warm and Natural"…. I had completely run out and as I usually buy wholesale I was miffed when I had to pay $27  a metre for it. I have other batting, but I can’t use if for this project…I usually land it in Australia at $6.50 a yard…… then I ran out of makeup…. I usually buy it in the US for $7, and I had to buy it for $37 …

Post boxes.

Tomorrow morning (Central Australia time) and Thursday evening USA time…. I will have the opportunity to meet some of you online in the chat room for the Quilt Show. Whilst in La Veta filming the show  I took a little time off to visit the area and I came across these post boxes….. all lined up in a row….44 in all, it would make a great quilt don’t you think?                                         

Christmas House

Just finishing off a small quilting sample…. as you can see I have beads pinned to the top and they need to go in the windows as candles and then it’s pretty well finished. I actually designed this house to go into a larger quilt which was sold as BOM and I decided to take the house block and make one for each season…. So this is a Christmas house for my friends in the US. The windows are illustrated and appliquéd on top of the bricks. The stars around the border are quilted using a triple stitch….it gives a more detailed effect to the quilting. The tiles on the roof and over the front door are illustrated as is the front path…. effectively I’ve made my own fabric to enhance the appliqué.

The Quilts Show

Woow, just watched myself on Ricky and Alex….. OK, thank goodness, the weight has dropped and the hair has grown since then !!!! The Quilt Show "The worlds first interactive and Video Magazine for Quilters" Ricky and Alex have provided a wonderful forum for us online, $24.99 and you can watch any show for a year.. There are forums and chats and you can learn an immense amount about other quilters….. I really applaud their foresight in bringing this to the quilting world.

The Quilt Show.

On the 26th in the USA and 27th her in OZ, the show I filmed with Alex and Ricky will go to air. I will chat online after the program…. I’ve done that a few times and it’s interesting.I’ll give you the URL tomorrow….. I’m off out to dinner !!!!!!


This class has been on my list for many years now. It’s drapplique chickens with an attitude…. and their movement is quilted into the quilt !!!! I’ve been working on info to send to San Jose today….. you can see more on the web page…. just look under San Jose. There are actually two paterns in this class… the students get both, but do just one… The chickens are illustrated by the students and we go through all the basics of machine quilting…YES, I quilt with the feed dogs up. !!!!!

100 yards of fabric.

100 yards of fabric will make up the back and binding of my project and I’m attempting to use the the reproduction fabrics in my stash. It is pieced and I plan to achieve a certain amount each day. How do you work in your studio. I’m a bit strange, it has to be devoid of all other projects so I can focus on the images I’m working on.Music plays a huge part in creating an ambiance to work in. When I wrote the 1776 book I played Handel and Bach… now it’s just my classical collection… I think it annoys the heck out of the neighbors. "When is she leaving again"? I’m constructing it with a thin 50 weight cotton, (masterpiece by Superior) I’ve reduced the stitch length and I use a 60/8 sharp needle. Looks super, you sure can’t see the stitching from the front… and no needle holes….!!!!!

Bayeux Cathedral.

The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Bayeux, built in the latter part of the 11th century on the site of previous roman sanctuaries, is one of the most beautiful in France. It was here that William the Conqueror compelled Harold to swear an oath of allegiance to him over some sacred relics. Oath which led to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Today only the crypt and the parts of the west towers truly survive from 14 July 1077, the day that the cathedral was dedicated and the famous Bayeux Tapestry was first displayed. The cathedral’s choir was rebuilt a century later, and the chapels were added in the 14th. The bulk of the stonework is in magnificent Gothic, although the central tower was erected in the 15th century and finally capped with a 19th-century dome. It has a beautiful façade with five sculpted portals, and the work of successive centuries is clearly visible in the vast nave (102m/335ft long).I took many photos and today have spent time working on patterns molded into the interior walls.