Images of Paris

It’s been a great day. My feet are telling me that they have had enough.

It was a grey day when we ventured outside the hotel…. Now just where is the station? A little detective work and we finally found the correct entrance, however it’s not all that easy. I stood in the queue  waiting to get tickets and Jamie and friend Caroline walked around looking for the information booth. That little process took about an hour, but finally we were on our way on the underground…

Having reached our destination, Jamie led the way and we had in mind that we wanted brunch in an authentic little French restaurant…and finally we found one… it was down a black and white tiled arcade and and nestled amongst some interesting shops set behind brass framed windows and doors.

Our meal was delicious, we all had different things… they were cooked as we waited and served with nonchalant familiarity.

I have photographed the creme brulle… simply to remind me how delicious it was.

Well, lunch over we walked from the Louvre through wonderful gardens to  the Eiffel Tower.

Every corner bought forth yet another surprise….

We’ve been here just 24 hours and already we all love it. I travel so often on my own, it’s so refreshing to travel with others who look at things as I do. Jamie is always looking at the sky, looking for breaks in the weather and describing angles. Caroline bring wonderful new ideas…. and we discuss ideas for putting new designs.

Last night after dinner we walked around the Grande Arche Defense…. It is an amazing structure….and I will write more about it in another blog.

Tomorrow is a day of filming  so it will be an early morning and we hope for nice weather.



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