How does this relate to Quilting.

We’ve put in almost 12 hours today. Filming outside the Louvre, Notre Dame, in coffee shops, walking the streets and markets and capturing people in the street for interviews.

I’m sure we walked more than yesterday. We had a few miles to walk home and decided to catch the Metro….(Thankfully)

Question ………How does this relate to quilting?

Answer:- We’re filming for three different things while we are on this tour and today was a Postcards segment. The paintings in the Louvre for color, design and texture, bricks, stones and mosaics on pavements and roads. Statues, designs on walls, posters, ooh just about anything beautiful that I can use in design. I photographed turquoise chairs in the Metro station, beautiful images in the parks and we shot a great segment in the park this afternoon … which will eventually become a class and quilt design…. I’m not going to share just what it is on the blog… because I’ve had a few lovelies use my ideas for their own inspiration !!!!!

We’re off to Bayeux tomorrow. We brave the traffic in Paris and head for the countryside which will be even more inspiring. 




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