I have been to Bayeux before. it was 2 years ago in late November, it was cold, a little lonely and rather damp.
Today I had the joy of sharing it with Jamie and Caroline, I’ll talk about Bayeux tomorrow.

Jamie thinks he could live here forever.
Caroline is looking forward to exploring tomorrow…she’s found that embroidery and French lace making is demonstrated daily.

Somehow it’s it’s just plain nicer with company.

After filming a little in the town….we ventured to the coast.

Let me explain about my previous trip. I had spent the day viewing the tapestry and was so overawed I pointed the car in the direction of the ocean and I got out and walked and walked despite the cold.

Today we filmed down there… the sky was blue, the seas crystal and the light mellow….gulls screamed overhead and the waves crashed  onto ancient shores…

Talking of shores…. these are unique, littered with millions of scallop shells…



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