Oh Dear.

We’ve almost finished filming and the weather has been most kind to us…. Just one more day and I’m off home…

There are two quilt shops here in Bayeux…. The first is in the main street and carries, books, embroidery supplies, yarn, about 20 bolts of American fabric and wait for it folks…… there is an unusual twist….. the main part of the shop is devoted to lacy undies….. I can’t imagine a combination like that in the USA or home in Australia…..!!!!

The other shop had a little more fabric in the same vein and is closing down.

Now I checked in the first shop…. “Can you tell me where the local quilting ladies get together”….. there was a lot of discussion and then an address….. Friday morning….. not far from the hotel.

Okydoke, let’s put that in the schedule.

So off I went this morning….
No I couldn’t find the building, so I asked the postie….
OK, it’s the big building on the corner, back I went to the corner…..
Gees Louise, how do I get in?
I went round and round the building.
Finally I found an entrance.
Up the stairs and I asked a surprised girl in an office that didn’t represent quilting….
Have you ever tried to describe quilting with hand signals?
“Next door, big door”
It was a big door too, about 12 ft tall and 6 ft wide…. But it was locked….
Round the building again.
OK, so I went down to the quilt shop and asked again……
“No we don’t really know where the quilters meet, go ask at information”
By this time, I’m getting a little ornery….. 
Down the road, across the bridge to tourist information.
I knew she would think I was crazy asking such a question!!!!!
“Ask at the cultural center” she says…..
Up the hill again.
Cultural center is closed and b…….. the quilting.

In an hour I’ve walked miles….

The trials… of a traveling quilt Teacher…….

Oh, gees that’s not all,…….. but then again I don’t tell all.!!!!!!



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