I had a night home in my own bed, with my own shower and my own bathroom, toast and vegemite and I could wear my uggies, heaven…

Today I flew to NSW….Mittagong….and I begin teaching tomorrow.

I laughed to myself as I walked across the car park…. there were 4 guys dressed in their work gear. The elegant stubbies (short shorts) for my American friends…..

Their Rossi boots
and navy socks…. and iridescent green reflective tops….

One guy had a cigarette paper stuck to his bottom lip, the others made comments about "gonna get a six pack mate"….
Sooooo different from two days ago in Giverny, where we sat by a table of elegant French men in their sports jackets, white shirts and silk handkerchiefs placed nonchalantly in the pocket, sipping wine and sharing conversation…
The guys are probably very similar…. just 126_normal_150_ndressed differently!!!!!

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