I think it’s amazing.

As of an hour ago 22288 people have shared in my quilting travels. I think that’s amazing.

I get emails from all over the world and a few days ago I received this photo from South Africa from one of my students, Ethelda. She also did a wonderful Self Portrait using my  techniques…

I’m currently sitting in the Qantas club at Sydney airport. The TV is huge….. I think they forgot to turn the color on though, it’s green….Mr Howard looks interesting the same color as "whats his name, Shrek"

I’ve had a wonderful time with my Students at Quilt Indulgence in Mittagong…. they were such a lovely group…we achieved a lot.

Got to meet Tita Leech who makes gorgeous quilts. Our paths have never crossed before so we had  a few days to chat during our breaks. Part of being in the Teaching fraternity is having the opportunity to meet others in the same industry and more than often there is an instant camaraderie.

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