Who informs you about threads, needles, etc….

Home and I’m now finally back in the shed. Because of travel and teaching in the past week, I rather broke the cycle of being immersed in the Bayeux project, which is a little sad in a way. We’ve lived and breathed the project for the past month and now Jamie is still in France with the camera and I’m home. Still every spare minute on the plane, at lunch and in the evening I am able to continue working in my own way….
I’m home for a few precious weeks before I teach again in Queensland.

My head is brimming with new ideas for projects and classes.

I have always covered a lot of theory about threads, sewing machines, needles and fabric in class and I think I will re-write my personal information to give to students.

It was interesting in class on Monday… I talk about quilt shops having differing ideas about thread and needles.

How is a thread constructed….?
What is a Z twist?
What is a S twist?
Which thread is best for quilting?
Which thread is best for appliqué?
Which brands are best?
Who stocks certain brands?
Do you balance threads?
What is the difference between Rayon, cotton, polyester… how are the threads constructed…?

Students armed with this information went to 3 shops during their lunch hour to purchase supplies…. each shop had a different opinion and I find it is really confusing for the consumer….

I think all Tutors should impart technical information on the tools we use in quilting….by that I mean threads, how a machine works, needles etc…..

Well, it’s late…. I have a magazine article to complete for  AQS in Paducah and then I can go to bed.


HEAVEN, Oh and I cooked roast lamb for dinner…. I think it’s a tradition, after no lamb for 4 months….. I leave you some wonderful photos of Monet’s garden…..Dsc05986

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