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Well, sorry if I’m repeating myself…. but I would like to add a wonderful URL to your list of "Must dos" on threads…..A THREAD OF TRUTH

Go to the site, and click on the brochure "a thread of truth" I must admit that I use it a lot to inform students in class, but you can download it yourself.

Well, I’ve had two days home and it’s just back to normal. Shopping, cooking, washing and now out in the shed working. Today I ordered a big screen Apple…. I need to do a lot of editing and photo storage.   I took 7385 photos over the past 4 months….

I love them all and I have deleted some, but I use my photos in class, brochures and simply for pleasure…. so the new computer will store all that and the lap top can have a rest. I will be able to acess the apple at home as I’m on the road through the lap top….. isn’t all this techno stuff exciting.?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Whew!! I’ve ‘skimmed’ over the 17 pages..I think I’ll wait, and just listen to you!

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