100 yards of fabric.

100 yards of fabric will make up the back and binding of my project and I’m attempting to use the the reproduction fabrics in my stash.

It is pieced and I plan to achieve a certain amount each day.

How do you work in your studio. I’m a bit strange, it has to be devoid of all other projects so I can focus on the images I’m working on.
Music plays a huge part in creating an ambiance to work in. When I wrote the 1776 book I played Handel and Bach… now it’s just my classical collection… I think it annoys the heck out of the neighbors.

"When is she leaving again"?

I’m constructing it with a thin 50 weight cotton, (masterpiece by Superior) I’ve reduced the stitch length and I use a 60/8 sharp needle.

Looks super, you sure can’t see the stitching from the front… and no needle holes….!!!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kathie holland says:

    I love reproduction fabrics so I cant wait to see the back of this quilt.
    Ok, I have to ask…100 yards of fabric on a back of one quilt 🙂
    I guess I need more coffee to think about this?????
    Kathie in NJ


  2. Pam says:

    100 yards + actually Kathy. The quilt is 238 feet long by around 30″ finished….
    You need a lot of fabric for that girlfriend…..
    I have used 160 yards for the top…..
    Coffee helps me think too !!!!!


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